• Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift – hatchback car produced by the Japanese company Suzuki since 1983.

The debut of the first generation of a new model Swift took place at the Yokohama Motor Show in 1983. Swift was the first urban model of Suzuki, which was intended for so-called. global markets. The most successful model in Japan and India. On the Old Continent first generation Swift was not successful. The production was completed in 1989. It was not until two years later presented successor.

Suzuki Swift And – back

Heavily modified Suzuki Swift II debuted in 1989, following the completion of the first generation. Swift II was offered almost all over the world by many names. Swift was a definite plus a large selection of body – hatchback, sedan and convertible also very popular. Models since 1996 were leaving with in the factory in the Hungarian Esztergomiu. Swift II in a rather modified form was offered in the U.S. as a Geo Metro. In 1992, Swift underwent major facelift nadowzia. Changed bumpers, rear lights look and dashboard. Convertible version was withdrawn from production in 1996. Last facelift, which is to refresh the look of the front was carried out in 2002. Model was a huge success in India, Hungary and Poland. Sales continued until 13 years old. The decision to stop production model Suzuki has taken the well-worn in 2004. A year later, presented a successor in a completely different form. Two years longer under the name Chevrolet Forsa/Forsa Taxi model produced in Ecuador and Colombia.

Suzuki Swift II – back

Suzuki Swift II Cabrio

Suzuki Swift po faceliftingu

Suzuki Swift po faceliftingu – tyÅ‚

Suzuki Swift II Sedan

Suzuki Swift after the third and final facelift

American Suzuki Swift also known as Geo Metro

The third generation Swift debuted at the Geneva show in 2005. Styling model with a completely new design concept refers to the Suzuki Swift Concept. The model is now much shorter, but it gained altitude. Swift III is the first Swift, which were designed for Europe. The production model was launched initially in three countries. In 2006, the company began production of Swift Chang’an Motors. In Japan, the model is more original alternative to the local model Suzuki Swift. Swift received four out of five in Euro NCAP tests. Swift is offered also does the Sport version. In 2007, she debuted intended solely for the Indian market sedan variant – called the DZire. In the same year presented version of the subtle facelift. In 2010 it is planned to introduce a model for the American markets. Changed only the outline rear lights. In 2011, began selling a successor model.

Suzuki Swift III – back

Suzuki Swift III – back version of the facelift

Suzuki Swift III Sport

Suzuki Swift IV debuted in 2010. Auto will not be very different from its predecessor. It will have a new front fascia with other headlights, radiator grille and bumper. Larger changes were performed at the rear of the car. Fixed in the safety, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and it received a new, lighter body shell. In 2013, the manufacturer conducted a small facelift car, refreshed Swift received a new driving lights daily made in LED technology and built-in mirror turn signals.

Under the name of Swift offered in Japan in addition to the "normal" model, a variety known in Europe as the Suzuki Ignis the first generation. Varied palette of different engines and a slightly redesigned front and interior.

Since 2002, on the Canadian markets in two successive generation is offered Suzuki Swift + – twin of the Chevrolet Aveo variety of Korean/Daewoo Kalos. The first generation was offered in the years 2002-2008. Present the second generajca offered since January this year. model has nothing to do with the Japanese Suzuki Swift.

Japanese Suzuki Swift

Canadian Suzuki Swift + I

Canadian Suzuki Swift + II