• Suzuki Sierra

The Suzuki SJ-models of the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki formed a series lighter SUVs classic design with ladder frame and solid axles, which was available with a short or long wheelbase, as well as open and closed body ("Convertible"/"Van"). All SJ models had rear-wheel drive, a switchable all-wheel drive and a low range ratio and a ball rotating steering without power assistance. For all open versions was the Windshield folded down.

In Japan, Suzuki sold all generations of its light SUV since 1968 under the name Jimny, was introduced during this name in Germany only with the successor of the SJ series. Outside of Europe, the series has been marketed in some export markets as Suzuki Sierra. In Switzerland, the SJ was offered as Suzuki 4×4 Strada, in Australia as a Holden Drover.

The SJ 410 was introduced as the successor to the Suzuki LJ 80 in Germany in 1982 with a 1.0-liter engine with 33 kW/(45hp) engine and four-speed transmission. While the engine with its cast-iron cylinder block and aluminum alloy cylinder head resembled that of the predecessor still strong, the SJ 410 received a newly designed transfer case with U-shaped shift gate and automatic or manual freewheel hubs on the front axle.

With the introduction of SJ 410 was fitted on all four wheels still with drum brakes and had no brake booster. Later versions were given front disc brakes. The dual-circuit brake system worked separately on front and rear axle. The parking brake worked as in LJ80 to the drive shaft to the rear axle. In addition, there was a well-known already from the LJ 80 parking lock on the rear axle differential. The tire size was 195 x 15

In 1985 he was the stronger SJ 413 with a 1.3-liter engine with 47 kW (64hp) and 100 Nm of torque. 1987 was followed by a 44 kW (60hp) version of this engine with unregulated catalyst. The length was 3,430 mm, the translation of the axle differentials at 3.909.

Striking differences to SJ 410 form the upwardly curved bonnet to accommodate the higher engine, and the new radiator grille with transverse ribs of plastic.

The closed body was from the SJ 413 is also available with a high roof and panoramic windows rear available, with a long wheelbase to have the versions now with hard or soft top. In Austria Suzuki also offered a van at no rear window without rear seat and with dividers. The tire size was the same, the ground clearance under the differential was 225 millimeters, the Angle of approach 47 ° and 34 ° backward.

The newly developed OHC-valve timing engine with the designation G13A was a much more modern design in light alloy with an overhead, driven by toothed belt camshaft and weighed only 78kg. The mixture preparation took a downdraft carburetor with accelerator pump and automatic choke, ignition breaker-less transistorized ignition.

Most of SJ 413 were sold with five-speed manual transmission; only in the first two years of construction was still optional four-speed gearbox offered. Then there was a transfer case with modified gear ratios.

The suspension side received the SJ 413 softer leaf springs and a stabilizer at the front axle. The new powertrain amended recordings made in the front section of the frame required. The models with short wheelbase got a diagonally split dual-circuit brake system. All versions were distinguished by a brake booster, the "deluxe" version had standard manual freewheel hubs.

Among other things, the vehicle was also produced under license by Santana Motors in Linares, Spain. The products manufactured by Santana vehicles are technically not in all parts identical to those from Japan. In addition, the Spanish vehicles, a higher sensitivity is said to have rust. They can be recognized with "VSE" incipient vehicle identification number, while the Japanese vehicles with "JSA" begins.

1988/89 received the SJ a facelift and has now been designated for export to Germany Suzuki Samurai. He got a more modern cockpit, 60-millimeter wider axles and other small improvements. As a result of the changed offset of the new wheel track width grew in total by a full 90 millimeters. The translation of the new axle differentials Suzuki extended by five percent to 3,727.

The basic shape of the body remained unchanged, the flared wings, headlamp bezels and their frames were now painted in body color. The slightly widened bumpers were plastic protectors on the corners, the side direction indicators are located behind the front wheel arches and the exterior mirrors slightly enlarged. As before, two wheelbases and the van remained in the program.

By 1990, first came the famous carburetor engine (G13A) of the SJ 413 with 1315cc (according to tax formula) and 44 kW (60hp); in the long wheelbase version without U-Kat. In 1990, Suzuki before the very similar G13B engine with electronically controlled throttle body injection, slightly to 1,298 cm ³ displacement reduced and 51 kW (69hp) and 103 Nm at 3,500 rpm. This engine later used in the Suzuki Swift was equipped with a regulated catalytic converter.

In addition, there were two different diesel engines, Suzuki, Renault (1890cc, 62hp (46 kW)) and Peugeot (1905cc, 64hp (47 kW)) zukaufte.

The chassis of the Samurai Suzuki trimmed again to a more comfortable ride. The front leaf suspension had only three spring pads, springs and shock absorbers have been re-tuned and a harder stabilizer mounted. Thus, the height decreased by 25 mm and the ground clearance under the front differential to 19.5 cm. The tire size changed Suzuki to 205/70 R15. The Austrian version was already fitted in the last year of sales with a coil spring suspension.

The braking system had now in all versions on one brake circuit for the front disc brakes and rear drum brakes for. The handbrake had the Samurai on the drum brakes, so that the parking brake could be canceled on the rear axle.

In 1992, it once again came to a facelift, which essentially distinguished by a revised grille with now three cross braces. In another facelift in mid-1998 Suzuki moved the front turn signals and parking lights from the bumper in the front mask outside next to the headlights and the grille received back four crossbars. In this form of the samurai was built up to the attitude of the SJ series 2004.

Converting a 1986 SJ ​​a new altitude record for cars was set up on 21 April 2007. On the slopes of the volcano Ojos del Salado in Chile, two Chilean Gonzalo Bravo and Eduardo Canales drove up to an altitude of 6,688 meters.

In India, Maruti Suzuki India SJ is still in production today as the Suzuki Maruti Gypsy subsidiaries.

Rear of the SJ

Rear of the Samurai

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