• Suzuki Samurai

The Suzuki Samurai is a compact off-road vehicle produced by Suzuki from 1989 until 2003.

This is an evolution of the previous Suzuki models Suzuki SJ410 and SJ413. The first models for the European market were assembled in Spain by Santana Motor license from Suzuki, in order to obtain the status of "Product of the Community" and avoid the restrictions introduced in Europe at the Japanese car models.

The Samurai suspension mounts front and rear live axle and leaf springs. The gearbox is 5-speed gearbox with 2 gears.

The engines on Santana, coming straight from Japan, the rest of the car was assembled with parts of Europe.

The first "Samurai" were marketed with engine 970cc or 1324cc petrol engine. The 1-liter engine was available only in the earliest versions. The 1324cc engine with a carburetor, it had 64hp.

The following models (since about 1992) fitted with a 1298cc engine, a single point injection, with 69hp of maximum power.

Since 1998 were also sold the diesel versions, first with a Peugeot engine XUD9 from 1905 cm ³ and 62hp, then with a Renault F8Q 1,870 cm ³ and 64hp, the first turbo and the second aspirated, both injection indirect.

The "Suzuki Samurai" were also built in Spain by Santana Motor, Suzuki Santana with the name.

The Suzuki Samurai is still produced in India, in disguise and in long wheelbase version, the Maruti, with the name of Maruti Gypsy.

The Suzuki Samurai was used in several countries in the police and fire services