• Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny – sport utility vehicle Suzuki produced since 1969. Since 1998, he produced the third generation of the vehicle.

Suzuki Jimny and was produced in the years 1969-1981.

Suzuki Jimny II was produced in the years 1981 to 1998. In 1995, the car undergoes a facelift.

Suzuki Jimny III was presented at the trade fair of automotive in Tokyo in 1997.

Auto has a fixed rear-wheel drive and attached a button on the center console 4×4, and reducer. In 1999, the offer was supplemented by a model with a canvas roof. In 2004, the car passed the first facelift. In 2012, the car passed another gentle facelift. Changed include front bumper, air intakes and mask.