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Suzuki Alto – hatchback car or van produced in the world since 1979.

This model is characterized by durability, is very creative and perfectly suited to the crowded streets. His story of Suzuki Alto began in the late 70th century. There is a version of three-and five-door and a front-wheel drive.

Since 1986 is sold in two different scenes – in Japan as Alto, which include their baseline Koreans creating Daewoo Tico and as a model of Maruti 800 Maruti Zen and manufactured in India.

The current generation was introduced at the Paris Motor Show 2008. His twin version of the Nissan Pixo.

Suzuki Alto I – car produced between 1979 – 1984 by the company Suzuki. Alto and belongs to the Japanese Kei car segment. It could be equipped with two engines:

Alto occurred with 2-speed automatic transmission and 4-speed manual. In 1984, he completed the production of Alto I.

Suzuki Alto GL GTI 1990 – version produced in 1990 from October to the end of November, by less than two months in Japan. The richest in terms of engine power version, used on racetracks. It produced mostly in white and red. Marked with symbols GL GTI due to the type of engine. This edition was only 3-door. The interior similar to the issue of Alto II.

657cc F6A I3

3.295 mm (21V/21S/22S)

Suzuki Alto – a passenger car produced by the company Suzuki. Alto II more than a facelift in 1991. The production was completed in 1994. On its license, began production of the Daewoo Tico.

Suzuki Alto IV – car produced by the company from 1994 to 1998 Suzuki latch. Alto IV is a "twin" of the Mazda Carol.

Suzuki Alto V – car produced by Suzuki from 1998 to 2005. Alto fifth-generation model is the twin of the Mazda Carol, and Mitsuoka Ray. Small Suzuki was used even by the Japanese police.

Suzuki Alto VI – the sixth edition of the model Alto. The car belongs to a popular Japanese Kei Tsars. He performed with the petrol engine 0.6/54 and three kinds of transmissions. Alto accommodate four people.

Suzuki Alto VII â € "is the equivalent of the current generation Suzuki Alto in Asia. This model was equipped with a smaller 0.7 engine with a power of 54hp.

Maruti 800 – a small car manufactured by Maruti. Production took place in India under license from Suzuki since 1984.

It is the best selling car in India (he was in an extremely low price). This name was sold in some European countries (including Poland) since 1988. Production of the 800 was launched in December 1984 fully from imported parts.

1.1/63KM (02-06)

Maruti Alto – the European equivalent of the Suzuki Alto V. It is still produced, but not available in Polish showrooms.

Suzuki Alto – Suzuki car belongs to segment A. Alto is manufactured in India by Suzuki.

Suzuki Alto is a five-door four-passenger car segment A. It is manufactured in India. It was created in collaboration with the company Nissan. In the Indian Delhi formed in parallel with the Alto VII (slightly modified version of the Asian markets) and Nissan Pixo sister, differs slightly modified front.

By 2014, Alto in the Indian market and Europe will be replaced by a model… pione Celerio

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Maruti 800

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