• Subaru Vivio

Subaru Vivio – car segment kei-car produced from 1992-1998 by the Japanese automaker Subaru. Was equipped with a supercharged mechanical engine capacity of 658cc (53hp – 44hp in Europe). The European version of the engine with multipoint fuel injection, single overhead camshaft and two valves per cylinder maximum power of 44hp is achieved at 6400 rev/min, maximum torque of 53 Nm is achieved at 3,600 rev/min. Auto a top speed of 138km/h, the 100km/h in 18 seconds. Weight amounting depending on equipment options from 650 to 700kg did model one of the lightest in its class. Vivio was the successor to the Rex produced for 20 years. Vivio was available as a 3 – or 5-door hatchback or as a 2-door targa.