• Subaru Prodrive P2

The Prodrive P2 is the manufacturer Prodrive a concept vehicle. The two-seater sports car was introduced in January 2006 in Birmingham by on the auto show "Autosport International". as the base platform of the Subaru R1 was used. The design of the vehicle comes from Peter Stevens for, among other the design of the McLaren F1 was responsible.

As a basis for the development of the engine was the Prodrive Subaru EJ207 boxer engine with overhead camshaft, 2.0-liter displacement and 222 kW/300hp, as well as in almost all Impreza WRX STi World Rally Impreza models since 1998 using place. The engine has been modified by Prodrive to meet the high demands of motorsport to meet, since the P2 should serve as a basis for future rally and touring car models of the Imprezas. The British car show Top Gear, which was able to test a specimen, gave the power to 345hp (257 kW/350 PS, representing approximately) on. The editors of Top Gear reasonably to accelerate from 0-60mph 3.8 seconds, which approximately corresponds to the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h, the maximum was (280km/h) measured with 174mph. With these values ​​and activated differential (ADT) of the Prodrive P2 achieved a Power Lap time of 1:24.3 Min on the test track of Top Gear, so he hit the Top Gear test other sports cars such as the Ford GT40, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or a Porsche 911 Carrera S.

In addition, the P2 was equipped with an anti-lag system from the WRC Impreza came, a system that only very rarely used in street-legal cars. Furthermore, the P2 possessed called an active middle and rear differential, ADT (Active Torque Dynamics). Information from Prodrive result could be the P2 are produced for a client at a retail price of £ 40,000 in series, however, Prodrive itself does not plan to mass production of P2.