• Subaru Justy

Subaru Justy – a car with a body hatchback subcompact manufactured since 1984 by Subaru. Last generation, which is based on a slightly modified Daihatsu Sirion, was presented at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, was used to drive a three-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of one liter, power is transferred to the front axle via a five-speed manual gearbox.

The car was developed and manufactured in Japan. Introducing a model for the domestic market occurred in 1984. Versions prepared for sale in the United States and the United Kingdom introduced in 1987. In 1989, all versions have undergone modernization appearance.

In 1987-1994 in the United States were sold only items produced in Japan. In 1988 Justy received 4WD, three years later (1991) standard mounted engines with fuel injection. In 1991-1994, was available four-door version of the model. ’95 Was available on the Canadian market.

After 1994 Subaru Justy sold under the name also slightly modified models of other brands:

In several other countries, sold as a Subaru Justy Subaru Trendy or ‘J-series’, J10 – version with an engine of 1.0 l, J12 – 1.2 liter engine

Subaru sold in Taiwan, with a four-door sedan with EF12 engine with 80hp based on Justy model received the name ™ Tutto.

The first generation Subaru Justy

The second-generation Subaru Justy

The third generation Subaru Justy