• Subaru Alcyone SVX

Subaru SVX – presented in June 1991 in the U.S. and in September of the same year in Japan (under the name Aclyone SVX). This car was the successor to the XT in 1985, and is a 2-door, 4-passenger coupe styled by Giugiaro. SVX was sold mainly in Japan and the U.S., but Subaru offered him also in Europe (most copies sold in Germany).

SVX model was equipped with a power unit boxer named EG33, which was a continuation of the engine model called the ER used in the previous model Subaru XT. This was then the most powerful engine Subaru those years, even when it comes to size – was the largest displacement. Because of the power achieved much more than 200hp and torque sporemu over 300 Nm, it was decided to introduce turbocharging, nor this variant as an option. Engine 3.3 l EG33 was the only possible choice when purchasing SVX model.

This vehicle had a permanent four-wheel drive, or later (1994-1995) introduced to the U.S. market optional front-wheel drive version (CXV). Throughout the entire production SVX, was offered only with the automatic transmission, 4-speed gearbox. Manual transmission was not offered because Subaru did not offer the car with the power and the time at that time.

Equipment Subaru sports car was rich, the client can be found in car air conditioning, electric front seats, ABS, airbags for driver and passenger.

In the model year 1994 and until the end of production in December 1996 SVX was equipped with an electronically controlled top speed of 230km/h Models of the first year of production (91-93) allowed to develop maximum speed of 248km/h, thanks to its long course of 4.

Suspension was independent SVX – (front McPherson strut, rear dwuwahaczowy type used). Photo suspension was quite hard and was characterized by a rather hard-sprung than the soft elasticity. However, auto led a much lighter and more sporting than how it looked and what was the weight (1610kg)

Subaru unusual style attracted attention mainly due to the split side windows. This extravagant solution presented in only a few vehicles such as the DeLorean DMC-12, Bugatti EB110 McLaren F1 or

Total sales of Subaru SVX was 25 000 copies, of which the most – 14,257 units sold in the U.S., 8,265 units were sold in Japan and Europe, sold 2,478 units, of which 854 in Germany.