• Skoda Tudor

Skoda Tudor – concept car from Škoda presented at the Geneva Auto Show in 2002. The vehicle is based on the produced since 2001 Superb model, but introduced several modifications, such as the coupé body and reduced ground clearance. To drive the car uses the most powerful drive unit manufactured by Skoda – trzydziestozaworowÄ… V6 unit with a capacity of 2771 cm3 and power of 193hp and 280 Nm, which made the vehicle for hundreds accelerate in 7.9 seconds and top speed was 237km/h Auto feature, among others, ESP in. The interior of the car was identical to the interior of the Superb.

Auto can be admired in the museum przyfabrycznym Skoda in Mlada Boleslav.

The car went into production because it could be a serious competitor for the sports cars of the VAG group.