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Škoda Favorit – Trade name of Czech cars manufactured by Škoda Auto in the late 80s and 90s of the twentieth century (type 781). The first model of the same name was produced before the war (type 904/923). The second generation model Favorit also performed in the station wagon version called Forman.

Škoda Favorit (type 781) was produced in 1988-1995, also assembled in Poland. Research and design of a new car to replace the outdated model 120, was launched in Mladá Boleslav already in 1982. In the search for the designer of the body, the Czech company established contacts with several Italian stylists. Eventually, the car body designed the famous Italian design studio Bertone. The agreement was signed June 1, 1983, and the first prototype (type 780) was ready as early as New Year’s Eve 1984. For three years he carried out work on the components used in the vehicle. July 1, 1987 the Company commenced production preserii. The premiere showing of the new car took place in 1987 at the September Technical Fair in Brno. Serial production started in the spring of 1988. The Škoda Favorit used engines with a displacement of 1,289 cm ³ occurring in several variants. 16 April 1991 Škoda joined Volkswagen Group – already planned start of production Felicia, because production of the Favorit restructured. And the launch of the model 135 Le/LSE – in addition to the electrically controlled carburettor Pierburg Ecotronic, was equipped with a catalytic converter, which a year later began to be installed in the basic version with 57-hp motor. In 1991 the Favorit model also passed the first facelift (introduced cosmetic changes, upgraded radiator grille). Discontinued engine assembly 136 which modernized the year went into production. Škoda until 1993 were produced in two trim L (lux) and LS (super lux). Additional equipment version LS:

In 1993, as a result of cooperation with Volkswagen in the Favorit modernized originally used engines. Introduced a single-point fuel injection from Bosch. Models with this engine had a distinguishing version called "i". Reappeared engine 136 These engines were used later in the production of Skoda Felicia. Cars driven these motors is not officially imported into Polish. This year, Skoda Favorit submitted to the next, the latter already face a facelift (Among others modernized instrument panel, and once again the front grille, changed the color of the dashboard, clocks, door upholstery, wheel hubs). Also changed the previous trim designations L and LS LX and GLX.

On the basis of the Favorit created two related body styles: a combo called Forman and pick up – Škoda Pick-up.

In 1988-1995, 783 167 copies were produced. In 1994, in place of the Favorit model was introduced car with similar characteristics – Skoda Felicia.



Detailed technical data

Škoda Favorit 136 L/A – (1989-1990) The first sports car based on the popular model Favorit was built in 1989. Was adapted to competition racing in Group A. mounted in it a bit modernized standard inline four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1299cc OHV engine with the timing of cylinder diameter 75.8 mm and a stroke of 72.0 mm. In this way, the compression ratio achieved 11,7:1. The vehicle used Pierburg carburetor. The maximum power that can be obtained, was 77 kW (105hp) at 6500 rev./min. In turn, the maximum torque reached the level of 117 Nm at 4750 rev./Min. Remained unchanged amounting to 2,450 mm wheelbase and five-transmission. Weight was reduced to 830kg. All of these treatments have achieved a maximum speed of 170km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 10 seconds

Škoda Favorit 136 L/A – (1993) In 1993, presented another model designed for rallies in group A. Compared to its predecessor, has undergone minor upgrades. In a conventional engine already used this time dual carburettor Pierburg. It increased its power to 88 kW (120hp) at 7000 rpm./Min. The compression ratio increased to 12.5:1. Maximum torque remains unchanged. Introduced as a new six-speed gearbox. Dead weight even decreased to 750kg. As a result, the maximum speed for this model was 210km/h

Škoda Favorit 136 L/A – (1993) Also in 1993, a special version adapted to racing in Group A. The engine came with a racing model, but a single carburettor Pierburg allowed to achieve maximum power 91 kW (124) at 7000 rev./min. Six-speed gearbox remained not changed the wheelbase and weight of the vehicle. Just like the rally, as the model racing reached a maximum speed of 210km/h

Škoda Favorit H – (1991) Already in 1991, a special version of the model to participate in track racing in group H. It uses the coming of the Volkswagen inline four-cylinder OHC with timing with a capacity of 1596cc (bore and 78.0 mm stroke 83.5 mm Compression Ratio 11,8:1). Maximum power of this engine with two double Weber carburettors was 123 kW (167hp) at 6500 rev./Min and maximum torque of 176 Nm at 5500 rev./min. For transmission gearbox six-used. Wheelbase remained unchanged, while the dead weight dropped to 720 pounds. This allowed propel the car to 100km/h in 6 seconds and get the maximum speed of 240km/h

Škoda Favorit H – (1992) In 1992, the H version went through modernization. Engine power increased to 129 kW (175hp) at 8000 rev./Min, the compression ratio was now 12:1. Remained unchanged carburetor, transmission and axle spacing. The maximum speed of this model, however, decreased to 210km/h

Škoda Favorit typ 780

Škoda Favorit typ 781

Škoda Favorit typ 782

Škoda Favorit typ 782

Škoda Favorit typ 783

Škoda Forman typ 785

Skoda Forman type 786

Škoda Pick-up and type 787

Škoda Favorit Raylle