• Skoda Fabia II

The Skoda Fabia is a supermini car of the Volkswagen Group’s Czech manufacturer Skoda. The Fabia II came in the spring of 2007 as the successor to the Skoda Fabia I on the market, initially as a hatchback. The end of 2007 followed the Combi. A notchback variant as its predecessor, however, was no longer offered.

In spring 2010, followed by a small facelift. A few months later, the Fabia RS.

In October 2012, started with the production of a based on the Fabia and VW Polo saloon, the Rapid.

With 3.99 meters in length, 1.64 meters in width and 1.50 meters in height, the new Fabia is about two inches longer and four inches higher than its predecessor. This makes the luggage space of 260 grows to 300 liters. When folded down seat and loaded to the roof, the volume grew from 1016 to 1163 liters. Since the end of 2008, there is a Chinese version Fabia Jing Rui with the name.

In September 2007, the new Combi was presented at the IAA then. The estate version of the Fabia I was still in production until the end of 2007, however, was no longer available for purchase since mid-2007.

The new Combi is in its technical data of the sedan very similar, has the same wheelbase and is available in the same engines. The total length of the new model is specified by the manufacturer with 4239 mm. The new Combi lay in the internal dimensions compared to its predecessor. The boot capacity increased to 480/1460 l (formerly 426/1225 l). The Fabia II Combi is available for purchase since November 22, 2007 in Germany.

At the IAA 2007 also initiated a study called Fabia Scout was presented. This version is a modified version of the new Combi supplemented with SUV elements such as a plastic liner.

In addition, a fuel-saving version was presented at the GreenLine model.

In October 2010, Skoda presented a revised version of the Fabia GreenLine. Through the use of a 1.2-liter common-rail diesel engine with 75hp, a start-stop system, regenerative braking (braking force recovery), low rolling resistance tires, the adaptation of engine control unit as well as aerodynamic changes to the bodywork and underbody consume the Fabia and the Fabia Combi 3.4 l/100km combined according to the manufacturer, the CO2 emissions are 89 g /km.

A van variant (Fabia practice), there is the Skoda Fabia II no longer, as this role is taken over by the new Skoda practice, based on the Roomster. 2007, there was a concept called Fabia Super 2000.

The second edition of the Fabia has been developed simultaneously with the Roomster and designed. As the Roomster was awarded the red dot award for its design and the Fabia.

Rear view

Option when Fabia II: white roof

Skoda Fabia Super 2000

In spring 2010, the Skoda Fabia was optically and technically revised. The entire front of the car including front fascia has been changed and upgraded the interior and dashboard.

In addition, two new engines came into the program: a 1.2 TSI and a 1.6 TDI with 105hp each. With the new generation of the sporty Fabia RS also appeared in the UK and Ireland vRS. This is driven by the 1.4-liter TSI engine with 180hp from the Polo GTI. It is also available as a station wagon. The sale of the Fabia RS was launched in August 2010.

In spring 2011, the Fabia Monte Carlo was presented at the Motor Show in Geneva. The difference to the normal standard equipment make sport seats in red or black color, leather elements for the interior, sports suspension, which is 15 millimeters lower than in the standard model, black 16-inch alloy wheels, headlights, tinted windows and trip computer. The special model is available in six engine versions (petrol and diesel) between 70 and 105hp available.

Skoda Fabia (seit 2010)

At the Essen Motor Show 2011 Skoda presented before the study design a convertible version based on the Fabia RS 2000. The four-seat convertible has four doors, but does not have a hood. The concept car will not go into production.

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