• Skoda 130/135/136

Škoda 130 RS (Type 735) – sports coupe produced by the Czechoslovak Škoda plants in the years 1977-1982

The basis for the sports model was the Škoda 110 R coupe, which, thanks to engines with a capacity of 1107cc and a power of 52 HP gave the up to 100km/h in 19 seconds and the maximum speed he could get was 145km/h It is the structure and body of this model became the basis for the high-performance models Škoda. In 1971 there was a limited edition 120 S Škoda vehicles with an engine capacity of 1,172cc and a power of 62hp at 5250 rev./Min. These cars are adapted to participation in the rallies and the engine tweaked up to 120hp. However, the designers of Mladá Boleslav on this must not be content. In 1974 he constructed three prototypes: one model 180 RS with an engine capacity of 1771cc power of 154hp at 6250 rpm./Min and two 200 RS with engine capacity of 1997 cm ³ giving power of 163hp at 6000 rpm./Min and allowing propel the car up to 210km/h However, work on the two varieties was dropped, as the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has deleted from participating in the rally car groups to which both belonged Skoda. Czechoslovak engineers have therefore focused on the new model – the 130 RS. Skoda RS 130 tylnosilnikowÄ… have a reinforced structure model 110 R, which reduce the weight of the car was fitted with a laminate elements. Basic engine with a capacity of 1228cc and a power of 140hp at 8500 rpm./Min allow the vehicle accelerates to 100km/h in 7.5 seconds Top speed that authorization can achieve this sporty model Škoda was 220km/h

In 1976, Škoda has obtained the approval of the FIA ​​rally and issued three of his crew in the Monte Carlo Rally. One vehicle did not finish the race, outclassed other competitors occupying the first two places in its class (A2 to 1300 cm ³) and respectively 12 and 15 in the general classification. A year later, the crew of the Škoda factory won their group in the Rally Acropolis, ranking 9th position overall. In 1980, Škoda has won the title of vice, and One year later, the European champion on the track in the team category. The winning streak was interrupted in 1982, when the new FIA regulations deprived the car with a capacity of 1300 cm ³ chances of international success.

Another Škoda marked with the letters RS appeared only in 2000. It was the first-generation Octavia RS 1.8-liter engine producing 180 hp.