• Skoda 1203

Škoda 1203 – Utility car produced initially in 1968 in the Czech Skoda factory in Vrchlabí. In 1973, some in 1981, the whole production was transferred to the Slovak factory TAZ Trnava. After transferring the production of Škoda vehicle was called TAZ, and since 1993 TAZ 1500. Auto received a small facelift (including rectangular lights turned on round). Car due to outdated structures withdrawn from production in 1999. However, this popular in the former Czechoslovakia car van is still produced by small Czech Enterprise ™ enterprise Ocelot.

The first prototype of this model is marked Škoda 979 was presented in 1957, he had a motor with Škoda 1201. In 1962, in collaboration with ÄŒZ Strakonice on the chassis of the car was built in 1203 Škoda farm (called agromobil) Škoda 998 on the model of the German Unimog, including the resulting 23 copies of the original vehicle

Under the brand Škoda in Vrchlabí in the years 1968-1981 produced 69 727 units of the car.

Skoda 1203 "Ambulans"

TAZ 1500

Skoda 1203

Skoda Taz 1203