• Skoda 1202

Škoda 1202 (Type 981) – car manufactured in factories Skoda Vrchlabí in the years 1961-1973.

The range of body styles produced found themselves ™: four-door station wagon STW (three door entry> qualitative, including some on the left, and the door bagaĹĽnika) van door and two-door pick-up. 1202 coda link opposites "direct contrast to their> predecessors sized models 1200 and 1201 was not produced as a sedan.

Made 60 141 copies of this vehicle.

Turkish company Celik Montaj (later renamed Anadolu Otomotiv Sanayi) assembled since 1966, when the Turkish government banned imports of finished cars, pickups dowożonych part of Škoda in 1202. Including assembled more than 10,000 vehicles. In 1971, the Turks began assembling his own body on the chassis supplied Škoda 1202, this vehicle was named Kamyonetleri. Production of Skoda cars on the basis of 1202 continued in Turkey until 1982, a total of built about 32 700 such vehicles. In the years 1982 – 1986 the company Anadolu Otomotiv SanayizbudowaÅ‚a even 3600 copies Kamyonet vehicle on the chassis of the Škoda 1203.

Skoda 1202 from the back

1202 Skoda pick-up

Handcar on the basis of Skoda in 1202