• Skoda 1000 MB

Škoda 1000 MB – model car that was produced by Czechoslovak the company Škoda Mladá Boleslav in the year 1964 to 1969, the first of a series of Škoda cars with engine placed at the rear of the body.

The decision to construct a new car popular (successor to the Škoda 440) was made in 1955. The beginning of 1956 had already finished the first prototypes.

However, only in 1964, presented the effect of almost ten years working Škoda 1000 MB. Its production started in Mladá Boleslav, on the occasion of the thousandth anniversary of the foundation of the town to the name of the new Skoda model added the letters MB (Mladá Boleslav).

The basic model (Type 990) have an engine capacity 988cc and a power of 42hp at 4650 rev/min, time of 68.7 Nm at 2800 r/min, on the back of a self-supporting four-karoserii.Przyspieszenie to 80km/h was 15.5 seconds, maximum speed 120km/h with average fuel consumption of 7 l/100km. After two years of production of the engine power was increased to 48hp (type 721) at 4750 rev/min and torque of 73.5 Nm/3000 rev/min.Wersja this accelerated to 80km/h reached 14-16 si speed of 125km/h, average fuel consumption of 7.6 l/100km.

Also in 1966 came the production of Škoda 1000 MB de Luxe upgraded equipment.

Produced in the years 1966 to 1968 Škoda vehicles in 1000 MBG de Luxe (Type 710) do not differ from the basic bodywork (type 721) were equipped with engines 988 cm3 of increased to 52hp at 5200 rev/min power, torque of 75.5 Nm at 3000 rev/min, (compression ratio increased from 8.3 to 9.0) which were mounted two-door coupe also in Skoda 1000 MBX de Luxe (Type 990 T). Acceleration to 80km/h 14s, maximum speed 130km/h, average consumption 8 l/100km.

In 1968 came the production of Škoda 1100 MB de Luxe (type 715) and Škoda 1100 MBX de Luxe (Type 723) with an engine capacity of 1,107cc and a power of 52hp at 4800 rev/min.

Model year 1969 brought significant improvements, especially in the appearance of the body. Modernized its front part, disappeared oval at the bottom of the boot lid, in its place appeared a band with the inscription "ŠKODA". Starting with the 18 series was withdrawn from the production of two models 990T and 710, which respectively 1000 MBX de Luxe and 1000 MBG de Luxe. From now produced popular 1000 MB only as a four-door vehicle with a 48-horse engine. Continuer 1000 two-door model was Škoda MBX MBX 1100. In total, in the years 1964 to 1969 produced nearly 420,000 pieces of different varieties of 1000MB, in addition to more than 22,000 vehicles with 1,100.

Although during the most intense work on a new Skoda model developed prototype of a new station wagon, but it never entered it into production. For 1971, the Škoda Octavia sustainable production Combi, despite the end of the production of basic model already in 1964.