• Skoda 100/110

The Skoda 100 is a car of AZNP (Skoda), which in 1969 replaced the model Skoda 1000 MB and showed only slight changes. The Model 100 cost in 1971 in West Germany 4985 Mark.

Although the predecessor, the Skoda 1000 MB, obsolete and has been ridiculed in the West, the then socialist government rejected a modern vehicle with a front engine and rear wheel drive. 1964 was built for the 1000 MB of a new plant for a vehicle with a front engine had significant investments must be made. This appeared to the government but uneconomical. The old assembly plant from Octavia was still burning from just outside the end of production, the damage was estimated at 320 million crowns.

Motors and other technology of the S100 were similar to the previous model. The biggest difference consisted of the Dunlop disc brakes front and a dual-circuit brake system. During the production of the 100/110 there were several changes which affected the appearance especially. So were until 1972 known from 1000MB filler neck to the front fenders, which were replaced with a simple tank flap. CKD kits were exported to New Zealand and only there assembled. The 110 LS had as the Skoda 110 R four headlights, the best equipment and reached a speed of 140km/h

According to a government price list the basic version of standard cost 45,000 crowns. Successor of these models was from 1976 Skoda-105/120-Serie.

Besides the standard version, there was the Skoda 110 R as a sporty coupe. Body and engine of the vehicle had more than one basis for various prototypes and small series :

In 1971 there was the Skoda 120 S, a sedan with a larger engine, the rally version – equipped with protective cage – up to 220km/h reached. This was not available for the normal population.

The S100 was imported in very large scale of the GDR. There are more than 142,000 copies have come into the country – but only in the basic version. 1975, 10.6% of all approved in the GDR cars Skoda, to a large extent Skoda 100 The original price was 15,870 Mark and was thus somewhat settled below the Wartburg. The vehicles were popular because of their fuel-efficient four-stroke engine.

The water-cooled inline four-cylinder rear-mounted engine with chain drive with a capacity of start 41hp, after MOPF (still 1976) Bomoro door lock system then with 42hp diecast aluminum was installed along the rear and looked to the rear wheels. Per cylinder appeared two valves, the camshafts were arranged laterally. The cylinder heads were made of cast iron. The transmission had a long translation was fully synchronized and had four courses. The injection took place via downdraft carburetor with choke the Jikov brand. Private frequently made performance-enhancing modifications Weber carburettor.

With the 100 engine, the vehicle accelerated from 0 to 100km/h in 24 seconds. The maximum speed of this engine was 125km/h the consumption at a maximum of 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

The self-supporting steel body had four doors. As underbody protection received the vehicle at the factory a Tauchbadphosphatierung. First invested to resist corrosion, often a rust preventive treatment. Front there was a single wheel suspension, double trapezoidal wishbones. Back again, there was a swing axle with push rods. Road bumps were front and rear balanced by helical springs with telescopic shock absorbers. The steering of the motor vehicle came with a screw and nut. The automobile was rear braked by drum, front disc brakes by Dunlop. The original tire size was 155 SR 14

The tropic of rear-wheel drive vehicle was eleven meters. The empty weight was 805kg and could be increased by a maximum payload of 395kg to 1.2 tonnes. The tank was filled with 32 liters of fuel. The Drehstromalternator supplied the car with electricity. The electrical system had as its predecessor, a voltage of 12 volts.

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