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The Seat Panda was a small three-door small car which corresponded to the Italian Fiat Panda sister model of the first series under construction and partially in the engine.

In 1979, Fiat and Seat had agreed to production of another common model, but already the idea in the summer of 1980, the new Seat Panda announced the Italians signed the cooperation agreement and demanded in order for the then yet gone into production model of Italian design high license fees.

The Seat Panda 45 had as its Italian counterpart, the 903-cc engine of the Seat 127, which was reduced in power to 40 kW PS/29. In addition, the Spaniards nor the Seat Panda 35 offered, which was equipped with the 843cc engine of the Seat 133. He developed 34 kW PS/25. The Panda 30 made in Italy with the two-cylinder engine of the Fiat 126 was not accepted.

As a Spanish specialty you made a Seat Panda Furgoneta Comercial, whose rear side windows were verblecht. The rear seat was missing, as was the case of the corresponding seat 600 model, so that the vehicle could be used as small vans.

1983 was brought as a first step away from Fiat and towards the VW Group, which had taken the lead in Barcelona, ​​the special models Seat Panda Marbella, Seat Panda Montana and Seat Panda Bavaria with better equipment and a facelift out.

1985 was launched for the Furgoneta Comercial Seat Trans, a panda with back closed or glazed box body.

In the fall of 1985, the successor models Seat Marbella and Terra were presented. The revision of the chassis of the Fiat Panda was no longer accepted at this.

Panda Seat Marbella

Seat Trans

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