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The Seat Marbella is a three-door compact car that is based on the Fiat Panda. It was established as the revised version from the fall of 1985.

The separation of the takeover by Fiat and VW made it seem a distinction necessary. The technical review of the Fiat Panda in early 1986, which concerned the chassis especially, and the introduction of the new Fire engines were no longer accepted at Marbella. Compared to the second Fiat Panda the standard Marbella were not as well equipped. For example, there were initially a rear wiper and a right side mirror only in the GLX version.

The two front transverse-mounted 4-cylinder engines (843cc/34 PS/25 kW and 903cc/40 PS/29 kW) were first adopted from its predecessor. One year after the start of production of the smaller engine was gone, but there was the 903cc engine with 42 kW PS/31. Later, its performance increased even to 45 PS/34 kW. As of December 1986 was due to popular demand, the 34hp engine back into the program.

Rear view

Seat Terra

Rear view

Already in 1985 there was the Seat Trans on prolonged Panda base. It was available as a two-seat van with high roof or as a three-door station wagon with removable rear seat. With the revision of the Trans Panda Marbella became the Seat Terra. In addition to the well-known 903cc engine, two 4-cylinder diesel engines from VW now have been offered, from 1,272cc 45 kW PS/33 or 1,398cc 48 kW PS/35 drew. The vehicles were thus 120-125km/h.

The Marbella is set in late 1998, the Terra in 1995. Until the end of production 591 151 copies had been made of Marbella and Terra. Successor of Marbella was the Seat Arosa, while Terra was replaced by the Seat Inca.

In 1991, the prototype Seat Marbella Playa was (German: beach) presented as a recreational vehicle between pick-up and convertible. He was equipped with a roof rack for transporting surfboards and a removable Targa roof above the front seats. The front view had been updated. If more than one passenger will be taken away, folding chairs could be folded to the sides of the truck bed. This model, however, was not produced in series. Instead, there was later a Playa, which was an ordinary Marbella with a fabric sunroof.

Also in 1991 presented Kamei on the basis of the concept vehicle Terra Terra Vans with different Variotop said releasable rear superstructure.

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