• Seat Marbella/Marbella Box

Seat Marbella is a supermini car produced by the Spanish company Seat from 1980 to 1998.

Since its inception in 1953, Seat manufactured Fiat models under license. Seat Panda was also manufactured under license and Fiat was a carbon copy of the Fiat Panda. But with the crisis of 1982-1983 Fiat decided to market in its own network reserved for the Spanish market release, 34.

Introduced in 1980, almost at the same time as the original Italian, the Seat Panda will be manufactured in its Italian dress from 1980 to 1986. Despite breaking agreements technical and financial collaboration between Fiat SpA and the Spanish State on the Seat recapitalization in 1982, the city continued to call Seat Panda until 1986. She then took the name of Seat Marbella in 1986.

The Seat Panda Fut lancée online Espana source version 3: 35 – 40 et 45.

From 1986, all relationships between Fiat and Seat are broken. Fiat Seat having dragged to court for plagiarism of its models, the Fiat 127, renamed Seat Fura but no change from the model Seat 127 and the Fiat Ritmo rebadgée Seat Ronda, do not want to run new risks and negotiations continued his license for 10 years for the production of Marbella. Fiat gave him the license because the meantime, the Fiat Panda was much evolved and the Italian model had nothing to do, technologically speaking, with the first version of the Seat Panda that wanted to continue to make. Seat, despite its progressive integration into the VW group will maintain the manufacture of Marbella until 1998.

Seat Marbella will be declined with the Fiat 903 cm3 engine, always derived from that of the old Fiat 127, and no longer appeared to catalog Fiat. Marbella model "benefited" (or was tricked) aesthetic alterations that distinguished the old Fiat Panda. The Spanish version was never able to benefit from Fiat FIRE engines fitted out the second generation of Italian Fiat Panda model until 2003 in the 900 versions, 1000, 1 100 and 1 200 cm ³.

In 1998, Marbella gives way to the Seat Arosa, but the new design Fiat 903 cm3 petrol and diesel 1714 cm3 engines continue to be mounted on the Seat Ibiza and other Spanish models for many years.