• Seat Altea

SEAT Altea – type mini car produced by SEAT since 2004.

Altea is the first car design with the style of Multi Sports Vechicle MSV, otherwise also appointed as a family sport van. Opening this segment was the first of this type of vehicle before Mercedes-Benz R-Class and B, the Honda FR-V and the Ford C-MAX. Designed by Walter de’Silva. The car was designed by Audi, and Volkswagen made by the company that owns the brands Audi and SEAT.

This model was introduced in 2004. In 2009 we conducted a small lifting body, which included redesigning and modifying the bumper grill and lamps.

This model was presented in November 2006. Altea XL is the enlarged version of the normal Altea. The car was lengthened by 18.7 cm, with an unchanged wheelbase. Boot capacity has increased from 409 to 532 liters. Produced in two trim levels: REFERENCE and STYLANCE

The basic version of the SEAT Altea XL is equipped with, among others, a radio with CD player and MP3 files with 6 speakers, on-board computer with cruise control, two 12-volt power outlet and air conditioning.

It is a combination of MPV SUV. The car is based on the version of the Altea XL, the outside has changed only bumpers and fenders and rims on a 17-inch, made of aluminum. The nature of the car reveals a massive air intake and dual exhaust tip.

Freetrack model is available with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, which in 50:50 attaches to the front of the rear axle in a dangerous situation. SEAT Altea Freetrack offers three engines – petrol 2.0 TFSI 200hp and a turbo-diesel 2.0 TDI 140 and 170hp. You can also select manual, 6-speed transmission and automatic transmission DSG. Version with front-wheel drive is available only with a weaker diesel engine. The interior remains unchanged compared to the Altea XL.

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