• Seat 1200 Sport

SEAT 1200 Sport is a passenger car two-door coupe produced by the Spanish manufacturer SEAT between 1976 and 1979. This model has been studied in Spain with the help of Fiat Italy but has been produced for the Spanish market.

SEAT Sport in 1200 was officially presented by SEAT in December 1975 and produced from February 1976 to September 1979.

This model has been of crucial importance for SEAT, as it is the first Spanish brand to be fully developed in Martorell, the new technology R & D center of the company.

At launch, the car was only offered with the Fiat engine 1197 cm3 developing 67hp (49 kW), already used in the SEAT 124 range, but here transversely mounted and tilted forward 16 ° as newer models FWD Fiat, Fiat 128 and 127. This engine mated to a four-speed gear allowed a maximum speed of 157km/h. Despite sporting aspirations, the power was rather limited and octane fuel available rates in Spain did not help.

The body had a CX 0.37. The concept was taken from a study conducted by NSU, after the German firm had abandoned plans to launch its own small cut on the basis of the NSU Prinz, the prototype was presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1970. The engine and body were designed by Italian designer Aldo Sessano.

This independence of SEAT in terms of designing new models brought great pride to the leaders of SEAT no they never got a real deal of Turin direction.

This will be the company who assured Terrassa body production of the new SEAT model from the chassis of the SEAT 127. Although the original design of the NSU Nergal was back with a propulsion engine, the engineers at SEAT first sought retain this provision but they have opted for the FWD seen huge changes to the platform of the Fiat 127.

In 1977, SEAT SEAT launches 1430 Sport Coupe, more powerful version which incorporated the same body but equipped engine Fiat 1430 SEAT. This engine had a displacement of 1,438 cm3 developing a power of 77hp (57 kilowatts ) and allowed a top speed of 164km/h.

This model typically designed for the Spanish market was also exported in small numbers in other European countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. Both models, 1200 and 1430 were discontinued in 1979 with the appearance of the SEAT 128 3P and the Lancia Beta HPE.

In total, only 19,332 copies of the SEAT Sport Coupe that have been made with the engine fitted 11619 1200 7713 1430 engine.

The car was widely known as the "Bocanegra" (lit. "black mouth") in Spain because of the color and shape of the grille in black plastic.

In 2008, SEAT presented a concept car, the "SEAT Bocanegra", at the Geneva Show in homage to the 1200 Sport, which, as she also had a black front.

Since its launch in 1975 until 1981, the SEAT Sport 1200 and 1430 were produced 19,332 copies, 11,619 in 1200 and Sport 7713 Sport 1430.

The annual production of SEAT Sport 1200 and 1430 is shown in the table below: