• Saleen S7

Saleen S7 – American sports supercar created by a California company Saleen. The car was first original design of the brand (so far dealt with it mainly tuning Fords Mustangs and bringing them to the race track), not including created in collaboration with Ford Motor. That engine was a typical American design "muscle car" – 7 liters in the eight cylinders in V formation with the power of 550hp (410kW). In 2005 will introduce a version of the S7 Twin Turbo, which has better performance to achieve a 750 hp (559kW), with a maximum speed of 399km/h. Thanks to the amazing appearance and typical of the cars straight from USA is added, the car quickly gained a large group of fans; it also was used in several movies and clips, including Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey in the lead role.

With the advent of the version of the road, entered the market S7R race, which soon took the fight on the tracks U.S. and Europe. One of the models can be seen in the Polish championship race, as the contract with the German team Konrad Motorsport car hire Poland signed a team composed of Maciej Stanco and Rafal Janus. Series production car until 2008, then was available only on request. In 2008 in New York City showing a prototype of the likely successor model, the Saleen Raptor S5S.

The first of a series of American supercars founded in 2001. He had to show that Americans are able to create strong competition for the best European design, not only on the roads, but also on the race track. The car surprised with its appearance, resembling somewhat cult McLaren F1, but the creator – Steven Saleen – officially likened its new model for the structure of English (in an interview said that the S7 is the new incarnation of the McLaren F1, with a slightly longer back), the fans of that caused a kind of disgust. The car did not have virtually any electronic systems (including not only the power steering, but even brake assist), combined with a deficient suspension, gearbox and mighty power caused a big problem for professionals, not to mention the people not associated with motor sport.

Five years after the appearance of the first structure, the Saleen S7 was modernized. The focus is primarily on eliminating defects that adversely affect the evaluation of the car – refined suspension, prepared a new gearbox. Changes included the engine, whose power was increased by 25hp. All this meant that a more powerful car felt much better and despite the lack of electrical systems was much easier to master. Not alter the fact, however, that this monster was still difficult to handle and require skills acquired mainly on racetracks.

In 2006 Saleen decided to "go for it" and equip S7 engine turbochargers, in order to increase its power and torque. Along with this went, of course, a lot of upgrades in aerodynamics, transmission systems, brake and exhaust systems – have all been redesigned, to 750 horse power could be transferred with minimum losses. With the advent of model Twin-Turbo, the offer disappeared "standard" S7, which the company Saleen unveiled in the specific statement "She died, S7 – S7 let alive Twin Turbo."

At the end of 2006 Saleen unveiled extreme, available as an "option equipped Twin-Turbo" version of the model. The Competition brand unveiled the peak of their abilities – 1,000-hp car was created with space-age materials, refined aluminum engine cooling systems in harmony with him, and elements that allow the maintenance of the vehicle on the road. And it was important if only because the acceleration of 0-100km/h took bolidowi just 2.6 seconds. Data from the manufacturer also spoke with a maximum speed of up to 400km/h, although official data confirming the information is not there.