• Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe – passenger car with electric drive ™ will be manufactured by the French company Renault since 2012. This is the first car designed from the Starter brand… early as electric vehicle.

Renault Zoe was first presented in 2005 at the Geneva Auto Show under the name Renault Zoe City Car Concept. This model had nothing to do with the first presented in 2009 in Frankfurt prototype, which presented a vision of a small city car powered by an electric drive. The prototype powered by an electric motor has reached maximum power 95hp.

In 2010, during the Paris Motor Show presented a conceptual Renault Zoe Preview, which after making minor changes turned up in 2012 in a production version.

The vehicle was built on the basis of the floor plate Clio. In 2013 the car passed safety tests by Euro NCAP. The car received a set of 5 stars. In January 2014 year the car was awarded the title Best in Class awarded periodically safest vehicles last year tested by Euro NCAP.

This is the first serial electric car that crossed the barrier of 200km in the NEDC driving cycle range (210km).

Thanks to the patented by Renault arrangement Cameleon charging batteries can be recharged from multiple sources. Most of the time it takes to charge from a home outlet 230V (8 – 10 hours) from public terminals, it takes 30 to 60 minutes. Connector for charging batteries placed under the logo of Renault.

Technical ===

The standard vehicle is equipped with ABS with EBD, front and side airbags, automatic hazard warning lights in the event of sudden braking, ESC, ASR and CSV Isofix system, HBA, automatic climate control, electric windows, multimedia system R-Link equipped with 7 -inch touch screen, satellite navigation, 4-speaker system with this unit autio CD/MP3 with Bluetooth and SD, USB and Jack, the energy recovery system with braking, Eco mode, 15-inch alloy wheels.