• Renault Type X/Type X-1

The Type X was a passenger car produced high class between 1905 and 1908 by the French company Renault.

Presented at the Paris Motor Show in December 1904 and sold in the year after, the X-Type used the same frame of the contemporary Type V. The Type X was created to replace the Type U in versions b, c and d, which kept the mechanics: the Type X was in fact equipped with the same 4-cylinder 3050cc present on its predecessor. The Type X became famous for several reasons: first of all, was the most dense concentration of all technological innovations proposed by Renault since the beginning of its activity. An example of such innovations was represented by the change to direct drive. It was offered in three versions: Type XA, which is the basic version, the Type XB, elongated, and the Type XC, lightened. The first was the main custodian of all the innovations mentioned, among which is also worth mentioning a cooling fan motor designed according to a new project, for modern the era. With these credentials, it was begun production on an international level. Same fate for the Type XB produced starting from 1907, which also became the car of the French president at the time. This car became known even overseas, in the United States of America.