• Renault Type AI/Type CF/Type DQ/Type ET

The 35cv was a family of very high-class cars produced between 1906 and 1914 by the French manufacturer Renault.

The family of flagship luxury known as Renault 35cv was composed of the models AI Type, Type CF, Type and Type DQ ET. Available in multiple body configurations, met with some success and even a specimen of this family of cars also appeared in the famous film James Cameron’s Titanic.

The mechanics common to the four models included a 4-cylinder in-line 7,430cc capable of delivering a maximum power of 35hp.

Between 1907 and 1911 were also produced the Type AI sports and Type CT, variations of such sporting flagships. These sports versions were born on the same chassis versions less sports, but with slightly shorter wheelbase and the car body much shorter, thanks to the drastic reduction of the front and rear overhangs.

These cars were also of the spider, to emphasize the sportiness of these models. In 1911 the Type AI Sports and CT were removed from production, while the rest of the family 35hp was produced until 1914.