• Renault Sandero

Dacia Sandero – car produced since 2008 in the form of two generations of the Dacia brand in collaboration with Renault (the company that owns the Dacia brand) sold in some markets as the Renault Sandero.

Auto debuted at the show in Geneva in 2007 as the Renault Sandero. Sale of cars on the European market was launched in June 2008 under the brand Dacia. Production of the plants were located in Dacia in Romania. Structurally auto based on the floorpan Logan and using a number of mechanical components. Compared to Logan’s car was characterized by a refreshed exterior and interior styling of the newly designed dashboard. In the car used Bosch ABS system with electronic brake force collector (EBV) and emergency brake assist (EBA). The new system later introduced to Logan. Initially, the car was to be equipped with only petrol engines: a 1.4 8V 75 HP and 87 HP 1.6 8V, however, in September 2008, was introduced to offer two diesel units with power 68 and 86hp. In early 2009, began production of cars with petrol engines 1.2 16V maximum power of 75hp and 1.6 16V E85 maximum power of 105hp, which can be powered by bioethanol. In 2010, diesel engines with power 68 and 86hp replaced with upgraded units with a maximum power of 75 and 90hp, which meet the emission standards Euro 5

Sandero Stepway was launched in 2009. Version is equipped with a plastic protective stylistic elements of the body, similar to those used in off-road vehicles and SUVs: overlay on the cover bumpers and running boards, fenders overlays, moldings under the sills and a special roof rack. Besides increased by 2 cm clearance variety does not have any additional structural solutions.

In the Euro NCAP car was tested with 2 and 4 airbags. Only the leading auto logon has obtained, with 24/37 points. and from the side and tensioners 31/37 points. (Turn 3 and 4 stars). For protection ™ children were awarded 4 stars, and one pedestrian….

The car was car 2009 in Romania. In November 2009, produced a 50-thousandth of the Dacia Sandero, while in July 2010, the production line has already rolled off the Dacia plant 300-thousand Sandero.

Twin variant of Sandero is produced under the Renault brand offered in the countries of South America, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and manufactured from November 2007 in Brazil at the factory in Sao Jose dos Pinhais. From Dacia Sandero different different radiator grille. It is offered with four petrol engines: 1.0 75 HP, 1.4 75 HP, 1.6 87hp and 105hp 1.6 and two diesel engines with a capacity of 1.5 liters (dCi) and maximum power 68 and 85hp. Auto-driven only 5-speed manual gearbox. In August 2011, car undergoes facelift, which took only version for the Brazilian market, then it otrzymuło new headlights, grille and dashboard. In 2013, the model will be replaced by a Brazilian variant of the second generation of the Dacia Sandero.

The second generation of the Sandero was presented to the world with the Stepway version and sedan variant called Logan the Motor Show in Paris in 2012. Auto like Logan has been designed in a completely different way than its predecessor. Renault dopracowało not only design the model, but also the suspension and numerous components.

New Sandero has a more attractive interior design. Auto dashboard has designed a completely new style and Media Nav system known from the Lodgy, and the sedan, which is the new Logan consisting of a 7-inch touch screen with multimedia features and navigation and speed limiter, cruise control, rear parking sensors, and front and side airbags and ABS and ESP as standard. In the interior of the vehicle will be plated elements, clocks in impressive tubes and Eco button, which will limit the engine speed to 4000 rpm.

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