• Renault Renault KZ

Renault KZ is an automobile produced by the Renault brand from 1923 to 1933.

The manufacturer launches KZ in 1923. Concurrent Citroën B2, it is solid, reliable and quite enjoyable to watch. KZ will survive 1920 and continues until 1933 when it was replaced by the Vivaquatre output in 1931 shortly after the Primaquatre in the same category. If there has been many popular cars from 1920 to 1939, few have exceed 10 years career despite strong competition, more internal and external in the case of the KZ.

The taxi KZ11 is a special series of 2,400 vehicles, including 1,878 delivered to the company taxis G7 in 1933 in Paris. He had characteristics for this commercial: a glass isolated the driver and passengers a wide baggage was placed at his right hand. The three-seater bench was supplemented by two folding seats back to the road. The roof was convertible and red and black livery. The registration vehicles was always terminated by G7 privilege which lasted even after the reform of registrations in the early fifties. These large cars and high managed to maintain until the dawn of the sixties: they were part of the Parisian landscape, as well as buses Renault TN 4 and TN 6 of the same period.