• Renault Reinasport

Renault RM6 Reinasport is a luxury automobile manufactured by Renault in 1934.

Designed in 1933, the Reinasport is a lighter version of the Reinastella. It is also cheaper and more suited to the new economic conditions appeared with the 1929 crisis.

The Reinasport adopts an 8-cylinder in-line water-cooled, 7.1-liter engine with two valves per cylinder. The bore 90 is mmm and stroke of 140 mm.

Renault Reinasport has a maximum speed of 150km/h. She travels 400 m standing start in 22.9 seconds. Its speed is 98km/h. Kilometer standing start is covered in 42.2 seconds, and the speed achieved is 124km/h.

Two miniature sedan were sold by Miniroute and two convertible models by Solido and Hobby France.