• Renault Medallion

Renault 21 – middle-class car produced by the French automaker Renault in the years 1986-1996. Was also sold in North America through a network of dealers as the Renault Medallion and the Eagle Medallion.

Production of Renault 21 sedan was launched at the beginning of 1986, the car was created as a successor to the successful model 18 A few months later she made her debut pięciomiejscowa station wagon version was known under the name of 21 Nevada (Savanna in the UK), she competed in the market with the Peugeot 505 Family Estate.

Renault 21 sedan – rear of the vehicle

Renault 21 przed liftingiem

Renault 21 Nevada

Renault 21 liftback – rear of the vehicle