• Renault Grand Prix

F-1 World Grand Prix is ​​a video game for Nintendo 64 Videosystem company that recreated the 1997 Formula 1 season, with all drivers and circuits. The game came out in 1998. The game was not translated into many languages, the PAL version had texts in English, Castilian, German and French, but most of the texts of the game were in English, which prevented either enjoy it too. He is still considered one of the best Formula 1 simulators.

The game has 5 game modes (Exhibition, Grand Prix, Challenge, Time Trial and 2 Players).

The circuits are based on the 1997 season of Formula 1 which has both traditional circuits (Imola, Monza, Barcelona) and urban (Albert Park, Monte Carlo). Each showing some simulation of any event, incident or actual event that happened in the race. What gives more realism to the game.