• Renault Fuego

Renault Fuego – a sports car produced by the French automaker Renault in the years 1980-1986 (in Argentina to 1995). Was available as a 3-door hatchback. Successor model 15/17. To drive the various motors with more than one R 4, including a turbocharged gasoline. Was available as a turbodiesel version. Power was transferred to the front axle via a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Model Body – futuristic wedge with rounded edges was presented at the end of 1976, when the show closed for the management of Renault. Bernard Vernier-Paliez not hide his enthusiasm – a new line was the harbinger of style 80s Technologically body up to the B-pillar was almost identical to the body in the Renault 18 Major differences concerned the rear end of the body.

For the exterior design chief responded Automobile Renault Service Style (Design Department), Gaston Juchet and new designer Robert Opron that Renault came directly from the company Citroen, where he designed, among others, model SM and CX. Contrary to the prevailing trends in the 70s on the sharp edges and geometric design, Opron was a supporter of body with soft, flowing lines that gave silhouette model 18 The most characteristic feature of the new design was curved rear window which is also the boot lid. Even after the official presentation of the voices were heard suggesting that it is not coincidental similarity referring to the Porsche 924 by Harm Laagaya. But just look at the Citroen SM – work Oprona 1970 to gain further arguments for the priority for the French designer. Fuego project was very interesting and in many ways stood out from the competition. It was not a typical sedan, but still his silhouette was decidedly sporty character. An interesting fact is that the drag coefficient was 0.34 for Fuego cx, which was a very good result. Hence, probably took the advertising slogan – "Renault Fuego L’aerodynamite"


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Red Fuego

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