• Renault Fluence

Renault Fluence – French car brand Renault produced since 2009 in collaboration with the brand Samsung Motors as the successor to the second generation Renault Megane sedan. Model debut at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in 2009.

Model Fluence has nothing to do with the prototype Renault Fluence Concept 2004, which was announced Renault Laguna III coupe. Initially, the car was sold in Romania, Turkey and Russia.

In 2012, the car undergoes facelift. The car gained a new front fascia with LED lights for daytime driving and a new rear belt.

In 2010, during the Frankfurt Motor Show was presented version of the electric vehicle, which went into production in 2011. The vehicle was equipped with a 95-hp electric motor. Reach the car is about 160km. Vehicle production due to low popularity was completed in 2014.