• Renault Espace F1

The Espace F1 car is a prototype developed in partnership between Renault and Matra. Presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1994, to celebrate ten years of commercialization of space, it takes the general form of Space II.

The Espace F1 uses a RS5 engine, 10 cylinders in V of 3500cc and 40 valves 820hp, similar to that fitted to the Williams FW15C. It is mated to a semi-automatic six-speed with steering wheel controls speeds.

The chassis is made of carbon with a honeycomb structure made of aluminum and carbon fiber body.

Braking is provided by four carbon discs ventilated with Michelin tires.

The four occupants were sitting in bucket seats, strapped by three-point harness attachment. The painting is yellow with sills and doors are painted with 3/4 black. On the roof, there is a black spoiler.

Two copies of the space F1 were produced: