• Renault Ellypse

The Renault Ellypse (project name Z13) is a concept car of the French company Renault, which was presented in 2002 at the Paris Motor Show.

The Ellypse is powered by a 1.2 liter 16V with 98hp (72 kW) driven and offers a maximum torque of 200 Nm. The common rail injection system has been improved with piezoelectric injectors and now provides a pressure of 2,000 bar. It is shifted by a revised automatic transmission. So should consume only 85 g CO ² /km and 3.2 liters of diesel/100km of Ellypse by the manufacturer. The CO ²-values ​​are from a Four-way catalyst permanently recorded and warn if necessary, if the values ​​are strongly deviating. In addition, help a 12 kW starter generator to keep consumption low. For short trips, this generator can replace the diesel engine.

Over the entire roof of solar cells are distributed, the power the electrical system. The doors on the passenger side have a special attraction. One can, despite the lack of B-pillar, the doors once in the conventional way and even open like doors. Inside, one finds a wavy lines. In the front center you will find an instrument panel with two displays, where the driver and the passengers refer all important data, air conditioning, radio, etc. can operate.

Thanks to the new starter generator with 42 volts instead of the previous 12 volts, you can accommodate more electrical consumers in the car. Addition is a new "X-by-wire" technology is used to replace the hydraulic systems and now uses servo motors for power steering and brakes. Thus, less liquids are Ellypse what the guiding principle (environmental protection), this car still reinforced.

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