• Renault DeZir

The Renault DeZir (from French Désir; German: desire) is a design study of the French car manufacturer Renault, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. She wears Z24 project code.

The sports car study is based on the platform of the Renault Megane Trophy and has a drag coefficient of 0.25. In the vehicle interior to get two scissor doors.

The vehicle has an electric motor with a 110 kW (150hp), which is located in the rear. The torque is 226 Nm, which is intended to enable a sprint from 0 to 100 Km/h in five seconds. It is sealed off at 180km/h The battery stores 24 kWh, which is sufficient for a range of 160km.

The charging of the batteries is via three methods; a conventional household socket takes eight hours for a 400 volt three-phase power outlet to 20 minutes and the quick drop system, the change of battery or three minutes.

With a research institute, an acoustic signature has been developed which is designed to warn other road users and the driver provides a self-programmable soundscape.

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