• Renault Be Bop

The Renault Be Bop are two concept vehicles from the company Renault, which have been presented at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2003. The Be Bob is an SUV and the Be Bop the matching sports car to do so.

Be The Bob we from a four-cylinder petrol engine with 1600cc displacement with 84 kW (114hp). The force is transferred to the 21-inch tires with a six-speed transmission and an electric clutch. The 210 mm ground clearance allow for trips away from paved roads.

The Be Bob, however, is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 2000cc capacity with 165 kW (224hp) and a maximum torque of 300 brings Nm on the road. We shifted via a six-speed sequential gearbox.

Both versions of the Be Bob are equipped with an underbody panel, which is to improve the aerodynamics of values ​​and thus reduce the consumption. The lines extending in curves. In addition, a large been rounded windscreen and a panoramic glass roof light inlets essential for the interior. Inside, a large arch from the front is pulled back, which also serves as the attachment of the four individual seats. This sheet contains among other things the Lever and the controls for the heating, air conditioning, radio, etc. Two superimposed LCD displays show the speed and the speeds that can be read well thanks to 3D technology. All other information can be read on a rotating, retractable display. Outer headlights are fitted with diode technology and stern light strips. The tailgate opens in two steps. Only pivots the wheel in the height, then the Cargo floor lowered down.

Additionally, you can make it disappear under the front seats in the Bob Be the rear seats to have a larger storage space.

In Be Bob a sporty profile is installed. The seats offer more lateral support and the sports gearshift conveys the high-torque even better. In addition, it can be ordered in a bright yellow paint.

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