• Renault A110

Renault Alpine A110 – Alpina brand Renault bought 34 years ago. In 1973 she won the World Rally Championship Constructors’ Championship, among others, Monte Carlo Rally (1971 and 1973), Corsica (1973) and Portugal (1971, 1973).

Renault 8 was a small, four-door sedan, driven fitted behind the engine capacity of 950 cubic cm and 44hp. Apparently the car was not fit completely on the base sports car design, but engineers from Alpine were of a different opinion. When their work saw the light of day, it turned out that they were able to design one of the most successful sports cars 60s

Made of fiberglass body Alpine A110 was designed by Marcel Hubert. The car was exceptionally beautiful, aggressive styling. He was short, had wide fenders and a small cabin. Its characteristic feature was the low routed mask, devoid of the radiator grille – provide cooling of the engine cut out in front of the rear wheels vents. The structure of the carrier was a welded tubular steel central frame. According to this structure, and small size car was very light, which largely decided by its excellent performance.

The A110 retains the drive system prototype, located on the back of the engine driving the rear wheels. Instead, the poor, the original transmission of the three ratios, a new, stronger five-speed gearbox. This was necessary because of the much better parameters used in the A110 engines. Under the hood of the car mounted inline four-cylinder power units with a capacity of 0.9 to 1.6 l As a result of numerous modifications were significantly stronger than the engine used in Renault 8 powered two Weber carburetors engine capacity of 1.3 liters developed the power of 90hp, and the 1.6-liter unit – 125hp. With a small, because of just 544kg weight, the car could accelerate to the speed of 195km/h in 1.3 version if 210km/h in 1.6 liter version

In addition to coming from the Renault 8 engine, the designers have used the suspension of the car. A simple layout with single wishbone, however, underwent significant modifications, involving, inter alia, on the strong inclination of the rear wheels, which greatly increased the stability of vehicles.

Great dynamics A110 made for rallies versions of the car, fitted with engines made by a famous company Gordini began successful sport. After a series of victories in races in France, the car has gained international fame in 1971 when his wheel who sit Swedish rally driver Ove Andersson won the Monte Carlo Rally.

Heavily inclined Alpine mask hid a small trunk, a car engine placed at the rear.

A110 main headlights hidden behind transparent plastic shields with.

Alpine A110 was produced disable… including the two-door body.

The car was equipped with a massive cast wheels alloy wheels.

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