• Renault 19

Renault 19 (also known as R-19) – car produced by Renault in years: 1988-1996 for the European market. For the South American market produced until 2001. R-19 was the last model of Renault, whose name was number. It was produced in versions of three-, four-and five-door and convertible.

Renault 19 was the result of a development program called X53, whose task was to create a new car aimed for the middle class European "M1". The project started in October 1984 and has already completed in July 1985 to design the bodywork. Five months later, the project was completed dashboard. Up to April 1986 worked on the interior design and when R-19 went into production in May 1988 took more than 7.5 million kilometers of tests verification technology, durability and reliability of the vehicle. Project Renault 19 was the work of the team Renault Design in collaboration with Giorgio Giugiaro, the famous Italian designer. The intention was to design a car as aerodynamic as possible in the compact class. The results of wind tunnel tests have shown that the vehicle reached the aerodynamic drag of 0.31 Cd.

Renault 19 was manufactured in factories Renault Douai and Maubeuge (France), Valladolid (Spain) and Setubal (Portugal). It is also produced in Ciudad de Cordoba (Argentina) until 2001. In France and in other countries around the world Renault 19 has gained much popularity.

Already in May 1992 entered the market Renault 19 Phase II. The changes concerned the vehicle to adapt to the new requirements, changed a little body. Differences in body concerned more rounded bonnet, front and rear belt (lamps, bumpers, grill, hood, tailgate, the narrow side strips) and a revised dashboard. Unfortunately 16V version after these changes lost some visual "aggressiveness" and a few horses as a catalyst installed.

Renault 19 ceased production for the European market in February 1996, but continued production at plants in Argentina for the needs of the local market until 2001.

Special version

All series of R-19 had an internal adjustment mirrors, most were equipped with height adjustment and lumbar support driver seat, analog clock in the instrument panel and in addition:

Serie TR TS TD

Equipment Basic, plus:


As above, plus:


As above, plus:

Version 1.8 16V engine 135-137hp

Additional facilities:

RL Series Markings motor (motors available): 1,2 c; C 1.4; 1.4 s; 1.8; 1.9 d;

Series RN markings motor (motors available) 1.4 s; 1.8; 1.8 s; 1.9 d; 1.9 dT;

As above, but in addition:

RT series designations motor (motors available): 1.4 s; 1.8; 1.8 s; 1.8 and; 1.9 d; 1.9 dT;

As above, but in addition:

Version 1.8 16V engine 135-137hp

Here are some additional equipment:

Versions limited Phase 1



Dynamic I + Dynamic II



Versions limited Phase II







Bellevue is the name to be affixed to the rear for models R19 sedan Phase II (since September 1994) as the successor name Chamade. The name was changed for legal reasons, when the company Daihatsu alleged use by Renault twin names Charade, he wore one of Daihatsu models.

Equipment versions Convertible

All copies having… four electric windows, central locking and power steering


Cap Ferrat (a town and commune in France, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, in the department of Alpes-Maritimes)


Special versions

I societé

Taxi Renault 19 is a worldwide car is still useful for example in countries of South America as well as in the former French colonies in Africa. For example, in Tunisia, were used as taxis.

Polizei In some countries, R19 occurred even in the form of law enforcement. Mounted engines and a 1.8 109HP few copies of the Clio 2.0 16V Williams.

Version for people with hindered mobility. This version is based on a special model Baccara adapted to a wheelchair. At the rear was sliding automatic doors.

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