• Renault 16

Renault 16 – middle-class car produced under the Renault brand in Sandouville factory in the years 1965 to 1980, first produced car with a hatchback body.

Renault 16 is considered the world’s first passenger car with a hatchback body. Besides the large rear hatch also had folding rear seats, which greatly increased its usefulness. Due to its innovation and modernity has been elected European Car of the Year 1966.

Although only measured 4230 mm in length, which corresponds to today’s compact class, then was under European conditions considered middle class car.

First pictures of the model shown in August 1964. Although the first models left the factory in December of the same year, the debut took place in January 1965, and sales began in April. The first version of the R16 was the only DL are equipped with an engine capacity of 1.5 liter 1470cc and a power of 59hp (DIN) and a four-speed gearbox. In 1967 he changed the dashboard. 1.6 liter engine with a capacity of 1565cc and a power of 67 (TL version) or 83hp (version TS) appeared in 1968. A year later versions appeared with an automatic transmission (TA, TLA). In 1971, the model has undergone minor changes. In 1973, he presented a model R16 TX with engine capacity of 1,647cc and a power of 93hp. From other versions differed dual headlights. He became the richest version of the model and equipment, equipment such as the rear wiper, electric windows and air conditioning. In 1976, discontinued production version of the TSA, in 1979, TA, TLA, and the last TL and TX models rolled off at the beginning of January 1980.

For the successor to the Renault R16 can be 20/30, which already in 1975.