• Renault 12

Renault 12 – the model produced under the French brand Renault in the years 1969 to 1980. Available as a sedan (Saloon) and combo (Break), was produced under license in many countries until the early twenty-first century. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1970 car took third position (for the Fiat 128 and Autobianchi A112).

Initially, the model 12 has been praised by the European press as a spacious and comfortable interior, styling, good performance and low fuel consumption. In tests conducted by the American press car underperformed; vintage ’74 has been criticized in the warehouse Road & Track for "intrusive " sound engine, also criticized the heavy steering and no power steering what was called "a serious mistake in the project." The editors also acknowledged "very low ratings "for cabin ventilation system.

Production and sales of Renault 12 in Western Europe ended in 1980, the model was produced, however, continue in other parts of the world. Last Renault 12 left the Turkish factory in 1999, the Romanian Dacia continued production of the sedan and station wagon 1310 to 21 July 2004, based on the pick-up Pick-Up ceased to be produced until December 8, 2006.

In total, sold about 2 500 000 copies of the model.

Renault 12 comb

Renault 12 van

Renault 12 – rear of the vehicle

Renault 12 Gordini