• Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne – a middle-sized passenger car and sports-in Ytkowy produced by a German mark Porsche since 2002, with the twin filler version vehicle from the Volkswagen Group – Volkswagen Touareg. The first car with a V8 engine Porsche since 1995, when production ceased Porsche 928 Top selling Months out vehicle brand in North America. Currently on the market avaliable is the second generation model.

Porsche Cayenne was established half a result of co-operation with the Group Volkswagen, in which Porsche has most of the qualitative participation of small, under a common addition to their tender for luxury cars and sports with utility knife. Volkswagen of lent E platform, which was formed Volkswagen Touareg for before the bottom wife version of this full board statue in veins and at Audi blue sky d more also in co-operation with the Group Volkswagen to create the Audi Q7. Concept cars and body wake among my fans of considerable controversy.

Car-generation presented in 2002. Originally the car to be having offered only in two versions: Cayenne S V8 in the media storage 4.5-liter 340hp and a turbo version Supercharged Cayenne Turbo with 450hp. At the end of 2003 to the range they joined With the basic unit of the drive Moldova emanating from Volkswagen, namely 3.2 VR6 with 250hp. In 2006 he was a top Middle version of the Cayenne presented, namely Turbo S with a capacity of 521hp. Cayenne was about to undergo a facelift face, 2007. Changes submissive with chassis and engine range. All units will receive a small direct Average fuel injection, more power, and worn down less fuel. The basic unit of laughing and from that moment capacity 3.6 If the power of 290 HP, while the S and Turbo capacity was a relationship kszona to 4.8 l, while the power is with respectively 385 and 500hp. At the beginning of 2008 years was a variety Cayenne GTS introduced that laugh and fill gaps in between version S and Turbo. Its engine capacity of more 4.8 l has the power 405hp and 500 Nm of torque (the same as the Cayenne S). GTS outfitted is amoung other things in the package stylistic Turbo. The new unit Cayenne Turbo S was introduced to the offer and in August 2008, the engine has a capacity of 4.8 If the power of 550hp and 750 Nm of torque. Since February 2009, Cayenne offered by background with a diesel engine. From the beginning Cayenne standard with complexity in a number of layouts and driving stability control, and pneumatic, adjustable, 5- progressive suspension (re dawn from 157mm to 273mm) with bow illustration PASM – electronic control system up of attenuation of shock absorbers.

Cayenne turbo Adowanymi engine reaches a remarkable results in this class. Reg spends up from 0-100km/h time like what Porsche Boxster (about 5.1 s). In addition, leading up very well, as you a heavy SUV, better than such as the BMW X5.

Cayenne is standard with aluminum wheels in sizes from 17 to 21 inches. Standard, whole round tires are mounted with circles 17 and 18-inch for for the larger wheels are assembled only low-profile performance tires. This car is equipped with wife’s standard standing drive on four wheel air drawn central locking design different along the longitudinal section and cross. Optionally, you can mount mechanical locks rear design different u Maximum PRZE dawn Cayenne is 272 mm.

Porsche Cayenne tuned by companies Sportec is currently the fastest SUV in the world, reaching c of approximately 295km/h

At the motor show in Los Angeles in 2006, the Porsche show The strongest version Cayenne – Cayenne Turbo S with an engine power of 520hp, to be able to compete with Mercedes ML 63 AMG. Cayenne Turbo S is the second view of power dem car Porsche produced on public roads, after the Porsche Carrera GT and rozp spends up to 100km/h faster than Porsche Cayman S Turbo S outfitted it with a 20-inch alloy wheels, large brake discs and calibrated suspension that automatically lowers up by 27 mm at the speed you 125km/h and another 11 mm at the speed you 210km/h The current version of the Turbo S holds up power 550hp and 750 Nm. Up to 100km/h in 4.8 secondsand can be rozp ride up to speed you to 280km/h

In February 2009, the picks have been introduced diesel engine ny. This unit comes with a range of Volkswagen Group. This is a 3-liter engine with 240hp and a maximum torque of 550 Nm. Cayenne Diesel is offered exclusively made with sequential automatic box Transmission – Tiptronic S. This is the first in the history of the car brand Porsche, which is mounted diesel engine. From behind you can distinguish it Her the black emblem model. Auto develops speed maximum 230km/h

At the IAA 2005 automotive fair Porsche announced For production Cayenne with the drive dem hybrid before 2010. Michael Winkler, head of the Australian subsidiary of Porsche announced, And Cayenne Hybrid you will be available in Australia in 2009 and the hybrid system you will be running with all engine variants Cayenne.

Cayenne can e Jech with trailers 214km/h, is the record holder the speed you maximum SUV.

In brackets “()” data for an automatic transmission Tiptronic S.

Porsche Cayenne II was presented with during the 2010 Geneva Auto Show. Car like the first generation was formed on the same plate under resting at the second generation of the Volkswagen Touareg.

The car is available in five engine variants. Also available are three petrol engines, one diesel engine and a hybrid version with a petrol engine with a capacity of 333hp supported by a 47-hp electric motor. Mover is transmitted to the four wheels through a 6-speed manual (only 3.6 engine) or 8-speed automatic transmission Tiptronic S.