• Porsche C88

The Porsche C88 is the prototype of a car of the middle class is designed for the Chinese market in 1994, in response to the invitation by the Chinese government to certain producers of motor vehicles for a new range of cars. This prototype was built in four months by the engineers at Porsche and was exposed to the public the 1994 Beijing Auto Show.

Because of Chinese legislation, restrictive in terms of birth control, the C88 was designed with only one place suitable for a child and the prototype presented by the CEO in person Wendelin Wiedeking, who learned the speech in Mandarin Chinese. According to a report by the Director of the Porsche Museum, Dieter Landenberger, “‘The Chinese government said he was very grateful and will use those ideas for free, and that if he looked the current Chinese cars, they would have been able to catch them in many details of the C88. “

The C88 was in agreement with the purpose of extending the market for Porsche in India, the country in which the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer did not enjoy commercial success. Porsche has most recently engineered small cars for a number of manufacturers, including Audi RS2, Lada Samara and SEAT Ibiza.

The prototype is now on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. The compact four-door notchback and did not look like any other Porsche. In addition to the body was not affixed to the Porsche Crest.