• Porsche 996

Porsche 911 (996) – the fourth generation of the flagship model of Porsche – 911 produced in the years 1998-2006. Vehicle presented during the trade fair Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997.

Is a brand new design not. Body of ob small shapes recalls, however, still-we are dealing with a model 911 most criticized by the shape of the headlamps, integrated with smaller lamps deviate out from a traditional round or oval small, well-known from previous models. Model 996 receives even more op tidal body, a new distinctive front (headlights) complex together with indicators, enhanced engines, better brakes and further enhanced drive on four wheels a

Basic models of the Carrera and Carrera 4 will receive a small completely new boy-cooled liquid engine six ciocylindrowy, still in uk board boxer, still located at the rear, with a capacity of more 3.4-liter 300hp and on S with a capacity of 3.6 l you 320hp. Version turbo (AWD) was presented in September 1999. Axis Branch and an output of 420hp version of the turbo and the 450hp version of the Turbo S. The offer found a si equally two tylnonap governmental Competition models. The first is the 911 GT3 with the engine 3.6-liter 381hp and the second is the 911 GT2 with turbo loaded in engine power of 462hp. Both models are fitted they are to small made exclusively in six ciobiegowe manual gearboxes.

The basic model 911 Carrera marked by equipment located in the engine 3.4 liters with 300hp power. It does not have to charge. The standard offered be a manual transmission with 6 PRZE background-ups. In the options you can be about equally ordered 5 gradual automatic box Tiptronic types. In subsequent years the production capacity rose to 235 kW/320hp.

Twin Carrera outfitted in mover 4×4 accessories located in the same engine 3.4-liter 300hp or 320hp. When Pieszenia, the axis of strings and speed Max remained on a close-cho similar level mass of cars rose by almost 50kg.

High-performance version of the 911 GT3 outfitted in a high speed motor characteristics. This version does not have a background to charge and according to needs Those years, the production capacity ranges up a from 265 kW/360 PS to 280 kW/380hp. Version GT3 be a lean with respect to the other versions of the model. In the case of the Turbo versions vary in weight up a up to about 200kg for the benefit of GT3 making a car ready to drive does not exceed With 1350kg. Not a lot of more than in the basic model of the 911 Carrera. Its largest competitor by Ferrari 360 Modena.

Spell cast as a top Middle version 911 Almost from the beginning of the existence of this model equipped with padded the engine to Recharging. In this case, it is a slightly modified engine from the predecessor of media storage 3.6 l 420hp version of the turbo and 450hp and the Turbo S version, which came With the production of a few years later.

This variant (GT2) exists since 1993, when he entered for the production of model 993 is based on the Turbo model. Was slimmed down with rebounds dnej electronics, applied simpler in serving a drive on wheels and the rear and changed the arrangement of the intake, thanks to whom power dramatically rose a Some items are made of lightweight aluminum and Kevlar. The main engine of this model be a unit 3.6-liter 345 kW/462 HP, but in the late important period was the subject of modernization and axle Pulled a power of approximately 355 kW/483 KM.

The extreme version of Road 996 This model was developed in 1998, as the next successor model, the Porsche GT1 1996 propelled on wheels and rear thanks applying turbo-loading develops a power of 544hp from the 3.2-liter storage. The engine would very advanced and has specs racing. Whole body was made of Kevlar wandered through this mass your own of the vehicle is limited to 1250kg. For the braking of the vehicle used ceramic disks that have been on the good matters implementation they are in cars road only at the turn of 2003/2004 year.