• Porsche 993

Porsche 911 (993) – the third generation of Porsche’s flagship model – the 911 produced in the years 1993-1998.

Model 993 receives more op tidal body, enhanced engines, better brakes and revolutionary drive on 4 wheels that was for the first time in a slab in the Turbo version. Most casting changes s slanted headlights, resembling the look of a model 959 the first time you up a 911 Carrera Cabriolet with body type. Series 993 be the last gam models of motor boy odzonym air. Equally 911 Turbo model boy-cooled to traditionally – air. Wed Services experts be and is last series cars alluding falling into the characteristics of the models 911

It uses an engine capacity of more 3.6-liter 272hp, and since 1996, 285hp. Version Turbo (Type 993) reaches a A 408hp engine 3.6 l, 100km/h reaches a background in 4.3 seconds, maximum torque is 540 Nm at 4500 rpm./Min. In a special version of the Turbo S (the last 911 boy of cold air) obtained power 424hp. This is the first 911, which offers a dual turbo Charging and not, as in previous models, only one turbines. We offer found a si equally two tylnonap ent models Competition. The first is the 911 GT3 with aspirated embracing 3600 cm ³ engine and 360hp and the second is the 911 GT2 with turbo Loaded in engine power of 430hp. In short, avaliable be and these version of the Evo, with a power of 550hp. Both models are fitted they are to small made exclusively in six ciobiegowe manual gearboxes and drive on the back about.