• Porsche 959

Porsche 959 – a sports car produced by the German companies Porsche in 1986, 1989. In the car as the years of production, a number of innovative solve technical body for Kevlar and aluminum, advanced drive on all wheels or engine equipped located in the system to charge – on the lower speed of the turbocharger smaller arki supports the background work three cylinders, and the senior second turbine loaded with all six cylinders, wandered through this with media storage 2.8 liter engine develops power of 450HP. The engine comes from of high-performance vehicle Porsche 956, early in her being used also in the Porsche 935 Late in the Rye him also in the Porsche 962, which reaches a power over 700hp. Vehicle had outperforming angle axis strings – 3.6 seconds to 100km/h speed maximum 300km/h Together with the model F40 Ferrari initiated Initial er super fast cars. Shows up a so small version of the 959 S, which laugh and more sk full of equipment up, however, thanks l ejszemu body were characterized up a better axle strings of. This car was not sold in the United States until 1999 because Porsche refuses provide 4 copies of a model to conduct crash tests.