• Porsche 956

Porsche 956 – Group C prototype Championship World Sports Car FIA, built by companies Porsche for the first time in 1982. In 1984, he was improved and marked as Porsche 956B. Withdrawn in 1985, replacing risers model Porsche 962

Model 956, built by availability by the new rules for the season 1982, fixed up Next pc refer lying successes in the Group 6 936 model 956 model design start was spread in June 1981, and the first model was diagonally off March 27, 1982 year. The first tester was Jürgen Barth.

monocoque car to made of aluminum, which will allow axle pulled the masses Of 800kg. Used boxer engine of the 936 model with a capacity of more 2.65 L, designated as Type-935. Mia he power of 635hp.

In 1984, improved chassis and improved efficiency wear of fuel, applying the Bosch Motronic c. Improved model designated as 956B.

Model 956 debuted in 1982 in a race 6 hours of Silverstone, and drove him Jacky Ickx and then Derek Bell. They’re off this model also in a race 24 hours of Le Mans. They had won the race. Second and third place also busy if the driver Porsche 956

Porsche sold equally independent model 956 A coaster from the factory team-up, such as Joest Racing, Obermaier Racing, John Fitzpatrick Racing, Richard Lloyd Racing, Kremer Racing and Brun Motorsport.

Model 956 was withdrawn in 1985, after the race Bellof Spa 1000km collide up with Ickx (if acorn embracing then Porsche 962) and as a result of the accident died. Finally, if deemed a threat model 956 replacing the vertical newer and safer Porsche 962