• Porsche 944

Porsche 944 sports car produced by the German companies automobiles Porsche. Was put into production in 1982 as the next successor model 924, which, despite early-threaded for for email produced by in parallel with 944 to 1988, as the tape lower alternative. Porsche 944 gone down with the assembly line those in 1991 for his next pc was about the Porsche 968 Launch of Porsche 944 they brought about in the 80s the company Porsche has significant cy success. The car also available to in convertible and coupe versions, as used in the small turbo engine loaded. Porsche 944 was produced in several different versions: 944, 944 S, 944 Turbo, 944 S2 and 944 Turbo S.

Baz for a new car by Porsche older model 924, which is based up in large part on the components pits Audi. 924 collects to favorable feedback from testers praised by for good in the background properties those handling, its s swan pages to for 2-liter engine prevent Yczony from Audi; introduced so the 924 with engine turbo loaded in order to ensure better axle circles, price, however, be a too high. The board is a Porsche decides develops model 924, as do is lined Although 911 name change and up from 924 to 944, the new model in a large extent based on up on the predecessor.

944 was put on the market by 1982; from the beginning fueled be a 2.5-liter R4 (power 144hp). Abandoned w bottom supervisor engine from Audi, developed a brand new light alloy, based on the V8 unit with a capacity of those five liters known of the car Porsche 928 (new motor was formed by the “cut path” after mid cylinders, despite similarities marriage engines little structural part can background be between them used interchangeably). In order to prevent down vibrations and uneven work due to the numbers cylinders (unbalance up) uses two dragonflies balancing trades working out twice faster than engine. Thanks this worked It’s almost as stable as perfectly balanced situated engine six ciocylindrowy. Porsche 944 based on up to a large extent on the older model 924, however, introduced a number of changes (eg from a fresh one body with flared blue sky otnikami and rear spoiler similar to that of the Porsche 924 Turbo). Modified so small arrangement of braking and suspension. Interior remains of a virtually unchanged compared to the 924, exception to a small knob background control trades conditioning. The car was used arrangment transaxle: mean Here is white with the front placed engine at the back while the box gear. The solution of a preferred wp flow down on to the distribution arrangement a load on both axles (of nearly 50%/50%). 944 despite the worse co-factor aerodynamic body to be having a faster than its predecessor, better up equally lead o Acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour (0-97km/h) spell cast to be having a pre-9 s (8.3 secondswed Services “Porsche the Ultimate Guide” by Scott Faragher) of what was like a sports car are the result of me. Speed Max wed services the manufacturer is with 210km/h (130mph), tests conducted by Autocar showed a small, small amounts while she 220km/h (137mph).

In mid-1985 the 944 live to see up the first significant smokers change. Much improved ergonomics interior and air circulation in the cabin, used brand new door panels and desk Resolution, instead of the traditional standing radio antenna used the equivalent of a built-in front windshield, I started this by mount larger one fuel inlet, optionally has availability to small and controlled electronically heated seats, a set of headers with a pressure of Porsche HiFi. Updated equally in order to reduce noise and vibration slightly arrangement transaxle. In addition, the car will get efficient alternator. Introduced as can possibility assembly at the wheel of a different formula resembling embracing the look of wheels telephone. Cars of 1985 which introduced new solutions Solutions are called “1985b” or “1985 1/2”.

In 1985 Porsche introduced, on the market for the 944 Turbo, which is characterized by up much higher szymi axis strings of. The engine fitted wife was turbocharged ark and intercooler, after these changes reaches a he power of 220 hp at 6000 rpm/min. Turbo version has up a equally several other changes such as more aerodynamic body, reinforced gearbox, wider tires and upgraded suspension. Turbo variant will receive Serial number 951 (version for the UK market with steering wheel on the right wearing a sign 952).

In 1987, while the version introduced 944 S (“Super”). 944 S outfitted it with a more powerful aspirated Months engine (190hp) to is the first in a series of 944 motor designed in the art four-valve per cylinder. Equally in 1987, introduced dual airbags and ABS.

In 1988, Porsche introduced, with more powerful version 944 Turbo, wear and she names Turbo S 944 Turbo S featuring has been in even more powerful engine, generating 247hp cy power (30hp more than the base 944 Turbo). The increase in power was obtained by the use of cherry greater turbine. In June 1988, tested by “Car and Driver’s” 944 Turbo S get Time to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h of 5.5 secondsand the duration of the 400 meters (quarter mile) equal to 13.9 secondsDeclared speed the maximum is 161mph (~ 258km/h).

In 1989, a variant of ‘S’ standing up standard for the 944 Turbo model. Capacity 944 base engine rose to 2.7 liters in the same year introduced version 944 S2, who laugh and engine capacity of more 3,0 l generating power of 208hp months.

In 1990, discontinued the base model with an engine capacity of more 2,7 l

In February 1991, Porsche introduced, with a market version 944 Turbo Cabriolet Do While she convertible body with the engine from the 944 Turbo S model with a capacity of 250HP. Originally a plant adano produce only 500 copies of this version; ultimately was formed about 625 vehicles, of which 100 was taking the wheel the fitted the right (version for the British market).

At the beginning of 1990 years in Engineers Porsche started work on the third leaf generation model 944, S3. The work covered were so many changes Created an almost new car. Porsche will transport background solve a who have taken out to used in the 944 S3 model 968 944 Production takes until 1991, in 1992, debuted next successor, the Porsche 968

Made exclusively was formed about 113 070 units of the 944 in the period 1982-1989, of which 56 921 were sold in the market the American.

It was created about 25 107 units of the 944 Turbo, of which 14 235 were sold in the United States.

Made exclusively was formed by 12A 936 units of the 944 S drag over years 1987-1988, 8688 were exported to the United States.

It was created about 6439 Porsche 944 S2 in between 1989 and 1991, of which 1,929 were exported to the United States. Additional 5640 pieces 944 S2 Cabriolet version was formed about in those years, 2,402 pieces were sold to the USA.