• Porsche 936

Porsche 936 – car racing introduced in 1976 by Porsche as the next successor model, the Porsche 908 car name is derived from the motor used in the model, which is used to Porsche 930 and from that the car had bra share in race Group 6

The car was Built with thought to participate in the World Sportscar Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans in Group 6, the model is winning and in both series. The vehicle 002 with starting number # 20 Jacky Ickx led by Gijs van Lennep and winning her pregnancy race of Le Mans, the car with start number 001 # 18 Reinhold Joest driven by Jürgen Barth and suffers engine failure. Victory refers equally twin niaczo similar model prepared for competing in Group 5 Porsche 935 two-seater car equipment located in the open body type spider propelled by the boy liquid-cooled, six ciocylindrowy engine opposite a small cylinder-assisted single turbocharged ark. With a capacity of 2140 cm ³ you generate he power of 540hp. The design of the chassis was based up Porsche 917, also many other part used in the car is derived from this model. Originally Martini Racing car to black engine cover for the palace quite hedging embracing be ap grace. Big hump and inlet the air was mounted until later. Do not serve y He, however, for cooling the engine, but the pass it function intercooler.

In the years 1976-1981, representing an in your own builder Porsche 936 victory veins of the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times. Make Jacky Ickx it (1976, 1977, 1981). In 1978, two early it a winning vehicles, take care of her pregnancy drug and third deposits, here for Renault. New vehicle with the number 003 was destroyed during the rally. Porsche does not intend to For sell 936 private customers, but instead they had they use 935 and 908 senior season in 1979 to niepomy lny, share take her pregnancy two copies of the 936, one submissive destroyed at Silverstone.

Next successor, the Porsche 956, introduced was in 1982.