• Porsche 928

Porsche 928 sports car produced by Porsche in the years 1977-1995. In a plebiscite on the European Car of the Year 1978 hare 1 position.

Work on the project started in 1971. Wed Services for With Ups, the company wanted a put pallets three cars, embracing four-cylinder models (developed in parallel with the 928 Porsche 924), six ciocylindrowymi (next successor model 911) and miocylindrowymi, ie background 928 However, no model nies abn trades result in the success of the 911 background, an abandoned then the new model of “six ciocylindrowego”.

When designing the 928 would not For up without problems. After inserting the first prototype on the dyno, After half at a bunch engine block. However, half-a lighter stage of runs less problematic. The design for the times be a very modern. The engine is placed on the front of a box transmission on the rear axle for better spread down weight in between (arrangement transaxle). In 1975, he was stopped work on this car include because of the fuel crisis to a year later approved the project. In 1977 presented it at the Geneva Motor Show, then a start this sale. Was elected Car of the Year 1978. in 1980 will up a 928 S version, outfitted in 4.7 l V8 engine fuel injection (300hp). Over the whole period are Porsche 928 production past one considerable changes Body in 1987. In 1986 you up a version of the 928 S4, holding a motor heads four valves per cylinder, with a capacity of more 5,0-liter 315hp. In 1989, he presented version 928 GT engine power of 326hp and 1992 GTS 928 with an engine power of 350hp, which you body greatly expanded. In 1995, after eighteen years of production, with a view of the s Abn trades interest of customers, the model 928 was withdrawn from production.